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Moogle Workshop
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Moogle Workshop is the fanworks community of Final Fantasy Land. Here is where you can post FF fanworks (icons & other graphics, art, fiction, vids, crafts, etc.) at any time to earn a small amount of points. You're encouraged to watch this community if you like seeing FF fanworks of all kinds!


1. Put your work behind an lj-cut. You may post previews, but not the full image/icon batch/fic outside of the cut.

2. All work must be your own. Do not take someone else's work and present it as yours.

3. Works of all ratings are allowed here but you must warn for anything objectionable at the beginning of your post, outside of the cut.

4. Fake cuts to your journal are allowed as long as the entry is not f-locked. Fanworks posted WITHIN moogle_workshop, however, can be members-locked if you so choose.

5. Fanworks you made before you joined this community may be shared here, but will not be given points (because someone might have years and years of fanworks built up!).

6. You may however post work that you made for a different community (e.g. icons you made for an outside icontest, a fic you wrote for an exchange somewhere else, etc.) as long as you made it after joining the comm.

7. Be respectful of other people's works when commenting. Don't bash or criticize unless you know the person is okay with some constructive criticism.

8. Fanworks focusing on original characters will not be given points.

9. You may use fanart in graphics, icons, etc. but you must credit the original artist.

10. Crossovers with other fandoms are acceptable and will be given points, but the focus should be on the Final Fantasy fandoms.

11. If you have any questions, you may ask them here by leaving a comment in this post.

P O S T I N G   F O R M A T

When you post to this community, please include a header that includes basic information needed for tallying such as your username and class, and what kind of fanwork is under the cut. Refer to this post for more detail. Warnings for spoilers and objectionable content should also be included in this header.

P O I N T   S Y S T E M

Refer to this post (general) or this post (for art).

F A N W O R K S   B A Z A A R

During the game you earn gil, which you can spend to request fanworks either from individual users or by putting in a MWS-wide request. Check out our shop post to request fanworks or set up shop. For more info about shops and how they work, see this post.

M O O G L E   W O R K S H O P   M O D S

Points: Yin (breyzyyin) & chacusha
Tagging: sunflower_mynah

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